Special features of C-Tech Guru training – 2017.

  • Reasonable  Fees for Students.
  • Certificate is valuable in national and international level
  • This Certificate is more  valuable to those who want to work in Central Government, State Government, and Corporate
    Computer textbooks are available.
  • Monthly Fee System, Free Internet, Discounted Education Equipment Etc…
  • The most advanced computer laboratory Students can

    Practice without  paying any fees,
    Even though after completion of  their course

  • Student will  have been Trained by  Experienced Expert Teachers.
  • 100% high quality education.
  • Special fees Structure only for students.
  • Batch start at Morning 7:00 am.
  • Profession Oriented Training  and Computatised Examination
  • If you submit a certificate to any of the jobs, the quick way of systematic  method  to provide timely documentation for relevant authorities.
  • Our students will be given first priority to government schemes such as the Prime Minister’s Kousalya Vikas Yojana, Skill Karnataka and other schemes.
  • The appropriate career guidance (information) will be given to the students for future life.
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  1. I came to this computer center after seventeen years of my retirement. I came with quest of computer knowledge and I was warmly received by principal and staff. When I have started my learning, my knowledge in this branch was zero. The staff with patience and pleasure they thought me how handle computer independently within few days. It is proud to say that a petty town like kumta has got such a prosperous and informative center. I wish all the prosperity and glory to this center.

    S.V. Nayak

    Retire Principal

    A.V.Baliga Arts & Science

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