C_tech Gurukul

C-Tech® computer education started in the year  2000. Since its establishment, over 15000 students completed their education at our esteemed institute and they are working now.
We have been active in computer education and social services since 2000. We always try to increase the skills of social and the youths of our country to enhance career skills, entrepreneurship, and creativity. The C Tech Guru believes that students are God and Excellent education is a great gift for them. The only institution offering Excellent education without much benefit.

Clean India and Skill India are our mottoes.

C-tech guru pays more attention to professional skill training for young people.

From elementary education to career education, your education issues and the solution to questions are available at the C-tech guru

Every year we train more than 1000 students in different disciplines of learning. We provide various computer training. Besides, we also run NSDC related projects like STAR, PMKVY India and much more with co-operation of Edu-Bridge. We also run a job fair every year. Since 2000 more than 10000 students have taken advantage of this program.

We run free 3 step professional awareness camps for graduates. Several schemes help us to provide the best careers Education for our students in the future.
Every year, we are offering free computer training to BPL cardholder PUC students.

Provide an atmosphere of discipline, friendliness, and professionalism that touches the learning spirit of every student.

We believe that ” Practice Doesn’t Make a Man Perfect, Only Perfect Practice Makes a Man Perfect. “